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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stand by me!

This song can propel me into the past like nothing else can. I heard it today after so many years. It made me feel as warm today as it did many years ago. Attached to this song is the memory of the most romantic thing somebody ever did for me.

I was shopping at a book store many years back, and they had this song playing at the store. There is something so simple and timeless and soulful about these lyrics. I was singing along and told this guy (a colleague) with me, that this is one of my all time favorite songs.

The next day, as I was busy at work**, I was completely caught off guard with this song playing in the air. I just looked up and there he was, grinning from ear to ear.

Nothing much needed to be said. The fact that he rummaged through his entire collection to find the CD that held that song to play it the very next day, was enough for me.

**And if you are thinking, "Wow! That was some cool office!" You bet it was. But we normally never played stuff like that on regular working days. Saturdays were a different ball game altogether.

Pssst: And if you are thinking that the 'he' I am referring to is my husband, you are sooo off target!

Stand by me "Orginal"inclusiv with River Phoenix
Link: - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX--7gFHkU0


UmaS said...

WOW !! Thats a nice gesture...I know u had a great time, working back then...

Am listening to this song now... :)

Agnes said...

Who was it???? Who is the mysterious 'he'???

B, I love love love that song. It's the perfect song. It's a total attitude-adjuster... you know when one's attitude needs a little 'tweaking' :-D

Garima said...

Aaah..I love this song too... Humming it in my head!

Lakshmi said...

This sounds totally cool, nice guy! Great song Bins...

Swaram said...

He he I ws totally off target then ;)
I thot u were telling us abt Love Story'(fill in the year);) ;)
But that ws sooo sooo nice of him :)

divya said...

Ahhhh Bins...you made my day! Love this song. I am humming along to it now at work and enjoying every minute. :) Thanks for that.xx
Also who is this lovely guy? That is such a cute thing to do. Adorable! :) :)

Indy said...

What a sweet guy..ahem...whoever he was!!! :)

But this song is a fave for me too! Early days of our wedding, and all that! Sigh! Thanks for bringing back a slice of time in the past! :)