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Friday, September 3, 2010


There are so many post in draft stages. The thought flow broke with a few distractions and I never seemed to able to get back.

The weekends go by in a blur! My husband leaves no opportunity to rub it in my face as to how much I am missing out on in life. He woke up at 6 am and went to play football. Got back at around 9:15 only to have tea, read newspaper, bathe, and have breakfast. He headed out at ten to play badminton. As he reached the lift, he told me not to expect him back before 5 pm. Now is he lucky or what!!! I wanna go out and toss a ball, play badminton, go for a trek with my friends. Boo Hooo!! Where is all the fun in my life??

Neha keeps tossing some funny stuff my way. The other day this happened:

I was busy pottering around the house, vaguely aware that Neha is mumbling something. Did not pay too much attention really. Then she asks me, "Mamma, are we Indians?"

Me: "Yes, Dear. Of course we are." (wondering what this is gonna lead to)

Neha: "Then you are my sister?" (Shock and perplex written all across her face)

Me: (Equally puzzled) "Come on. You know I am your mother."

Neha: "But the Pledge** says that - All Indians are my brothers and sisters."

Then I did what my motherly instincts indicated that I do in such a situation. I rolled on the floor and laughed!!

That kid of mine really throws these googlies at me every once in a while.

** The Indian Pledge. She says the pledge during school assembly.

Have a nice day!!


UmaS said...

Neha dear, Me neither your sister...of course not all the girl-friends of you Mom !!!! LOL !!! That girl is a riot !!!!

Have a great weekend.... :)

Agnes said...

Come on, a day with Neha totally beats trekking and badminton -- she's ADORABLE!!!

Swaram said...

Hi Neha sister and Butterfly sister - yippeee! I got 2 new sisters today :P

Lakshmi said...

:) :) Neha just keeps it going...So what was the final consensus?

Indy said...

Heeheee! That was so chweet! I loved the way you said- that you rofl! haha! :D

Garima said...

Thats the right interpretation!!!!
Too Cute..

Now for missing out on life.. I recommend the following.. book yourself a mani-pedi/a massage/a movie tickets.. grab a few friends.. tell your husband in advance.. and head out. :-D

I recently did that for Eat Pray Love.. and enjoyed myself immensly as my husband got aware of troubles puttin V to sleep! :-D Perfect...

Rajlakshmi said...

hehehe Kids!!! and what a reaction by you :P

Corinne Rodrigues said...

It reminded me of the crazy boys in school that always had an aside for the pledge - All Indians are my brothers and sisters (except one!).

And I agree with Garima's suggestion a hundred percent. Do that!

colours said...

I came to comment the same things as Corinne :)... She is indeed a smile raiser!

Reflections said...

Neha is really funny;-D

And Neel seems to be having all the fun;-D